The Duet Group

The DUET GROUP is a specialist music services company.  It comprises Duet Education, Duet Media Technologies, Duet Shop, Duet Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Duet Foundation and is the world's only company dedicated to providing musical instruments to individuals, schools, and universities.



From whichever angle you approach the issue – educational, pastoral, financial, or the strategic business perspective – optimal performance of the instrument fleet should be a primary target for any educational establishment. Having better instruments of the appropriate quality, in perfect condition, available to your students, is good news for the student, the music teacher, the bursar/finance director, principal and marketing team alike.

Instrument Leasing

A well-managed instrument portfolio, with a planned maintenance and renewal/replacement schedule delivers:
• Better academic results
• Greater musicality
• More confident performance
• Positive enthusiasm for practice
• Better use of capital
• Distinct competitive advantage

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The best place to get high quality audio and visual recording and distribution services.

We are a team built around your project

It’s your project and we respect that. Whether it is a location recording, event filming or promotional video, DUET MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES will work with you to deliver the project you want. Of course, we will advise you along the way, based upon our experience, and we will help manage the production of your masterpiece, but three things underpin our work: QUALITY KIT, GREAT SERVICE & A FLEXIBLE APPROACH

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The Duet Philharmonic Orchestra comprises the best-of-the-best pupils from schools in the United Kingdom, who come together as an enormous symphony orchestra once every two years to perform works of colossal size and complexity.

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The Duet Philharmonic Orchestra performed Mahler’s 6th Symphony and Stravinsky’s Symphony of Psalms at the Royal Festival Hall on Monday 8th April 2019. To order your copy of the concert recording and documentary please go to our order page.

The Duet Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing Mahler’s 9th Symphony with Liszt’s Totentanz in April 2021. Information about future performances is available through


We’ve handpicked a selection of the very best musical instruments to suit musicians of all ages and abilities. Simply browse through our range until you find the one that suits you.

Once you’ve chosen your instrument, you’ll need to fill in your details for our secure online application and first payment. You’ll receive an automated email confirming your order and delivery tracking details. In a few days, the instrument will arrive at your door, set up and ready to play.

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Duet’s music foundation was set up to assist young musicians with the costs and impediments standing in the way of their progress as either great amateurs or professionals.

Over the years we have donated funds to young musicians to assist with their fees, travel costs, competition costs, DVD productions, access to masterclassses, as well as both new instruments and loaned instruments.

Duet Group Flautist